Drill Surf and Skate offers surfboard, stand up paddle, and skateboard lessons. Our instructors are people who have extensive backgrounds in surfing or skating and a passion for teaching those who want to learn. We pride ourselves in providing quality instruction to help people reach their personal goals, while also catering to all ages and levels. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice so that we can coordinate with our instructors to see which times will be best for you and them.
Call or email us to schedule a lesson! 
Surf Lessons
$120.00 an hour per person, includes the board and wetsuit
*$110.00 an hour per person for two people
*$100.00 an hour per person for three or more people
Our experienced instructors can teach first-timers to intermediate surfers looking to advance and refine their skills.
Surf lessons are for any age, the only requirement is the willingness to learn!
We do private or group lessons, for privates, the instruction is one-on one and for groups there are multiple instructors.
Skateboard Lessons
$80.00 an hour per person.
Lesson does not include skateboard or helmet.
Our knowledgeable instructors do lessons in local Malibu neighborhoods or parks for a safe, quiet spot to teach the basics. More advanced riders, or per request, can take lessons at skateboard parks in Malibu, Venice or Westlake Village.
Stand Up Paddle Lessons
$120 for one and a half hours of instruction while touring one of Malibu’s most scenic stretches of water.
We offer a wide selection of board sizes and wetsuits depending on water temperature at the time.